Bosch Lawn Mowers

A famous name among lawn mower manufacturing companies, Bosch is known for its vast range of lawn mowing machines that spell quality and performance. Some of the current favourites of Bosch Lawn Mowers are featured here such as the Rotak 34, Rotak 36 and Rotak 40 Bosch lawn mowers.

Bosch Rotak 34

Powered by a 1400-watt Powerdrive motor, the new Rotak electric rotary mower provides a power packed cut to grass measuring up to 30 cm in length. Far ahead in performance than the conventional machines, the Bosch Rotak can conveniently cut grass very close to the edges. Here are some of the prominent features of the Bosch Rotak machine.


1. The machine is designed with patented grass combs that cut right next to the wall, which makes it an efficient time-saver.

2. Precision cutting along the edges and flower beds at one-go makes it a highly efficient and practical machine.

3. The uniquely designed grass combs extend outwards beyond the width of the front wheels to provide a neat cut along the walls and edges without the need to repeatedly operate the machine in such tough areas.

4. Light in weight, it makes manoeuvring the machine very easy even in tight spots.

5. The powerful 1400-watt motor runs through tall grass up to 30 cm long effortlessly.

6. The Bosch Powerdrive motor with a 21 Nm torque compliments the rotary blade cutting system.

7. Designed to have a 34 cm cut width, and a cut height range of 20 – 70mm the machine has a 10 height-cut settings.

8. Weighing all of 11 kgs, it has a 40-litre grass box capacity.

9. Comes with a 2-year Manufacturer’s warranty.

Bosch ASM32 Electric Cylinder Lawn Mower

The Bosch ASM 32 is an excellent electric cylinder lawn-mowing machine from the stables of Bosch lawn mowers. Known for its precision cutting with the Quattro-cut system, this machine has a rear roller for traditional stripes. Following are some prominent features of this machine.

 1. Runs on a 360 watt motor using the Quattro-cut system for precision cutting.

2. Allows a 32cm cutting width with rear rollers for traditional stripes.

3. Comes with folding handles to save on storage space.

4. Comprises 5 height-cut settings with height adjustment of 12 to 32mm.

5. It has a 31-litre grass box capacity.

6. Comes with a 2-year parts and labour guarantee.

Bosch Rotak 36

This Bosch machine provides a far more efficient cut than the conventional lawn mower. It gives a clean cut along the walls and edges made possible by its design. Some of the features of this machine are presented below.

 1. Provides efficient cutting along the walls and edges.

2. The Powerdrive motor mows tall grass up to 30cm long.

3. Being 40% lighter than conventional machines, it is easy to manoeuvre.

4. Runs on a 1400-watt Powerdrive motor with a rotary blade cutting system.

5. The motor has a torque of 21 Nm.

6. It accommodates a cut width of 36cm, while the height cut range is 20 – 70mm.

7. It has a central 10 height cut setting.

Bosch lawn mowers come with a wide range of models that suit various needs according to the size and landscape of the lawns.

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