Mountfield Lawn Mowers

When it comes to lawn mowers that you can trust Mountfield is a name that you can rely on. They have an entire range of mowers from electric to petrol rotary to combi rotary and rider mowers as well. Let’s first have a look at Mountfield electric mowers.

Princess 14 Electric Mower

Princess 14 is one of the best available electric mowers. It has a 1500 Watt brushless induction motor that is as silent as a rock with built in safety brake.

Princess 14 is quite compact and very trouble-free. With the cutting height anywhere between 13 mm to 50 mm and cutting width of 35.6 cm it leaves your lawn beautifully trimmed.

This product has Polypropylene chassis as its basic construction. The lawn size is 20m X 20 m and the grass collecting capacity is 30 liters which is good enough for any small to medium sized lawn.

It has also got a single point adjustment which makes it more convenient to use. And to relieve you of the maintenance or repair expenses it comes with a 2 year warranty. This one is surely too loaded for you to resist.


The EL46R HP is another masterpiece by Mountfield. This one is equipped with a 1600 watt motor and a strong powder coated steel chassis for a longer life.

Cutting width is 46 cm and grass cutting capacity is 55 liters. The cutting height can be adjusted to five positions in between 20 mm to 70 mm which helps the rear roller to finely cut the grass which gives your lawn a lovely striped effect finish.

Motor brakes make sure that it’s a safe for you to operate it and the Individual levers front and single rear adjustments make it really easy to control it.

With a lawn size of 30 m X 30 m its good for medium sized lawns and a two year warranty will keep you tension free.

Petrol Rotary Mowers

Mountfield Petrol Rotary Mowers are made to give you an exhilarating experience with their extremely easy controls and unbelievable manoeuvrability.
Moreover Mountfield rotary petrol range comes with a chassis of your choice. The aluminium chassis has a 20 year anti corrosion warranty and a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Here is the complete range of Mountfield petrol rotary mowers:

421 HP Petrol Rotary Mower

Very sturdy and made to last this one is a hand propelled machine with a Mountfield RV150 engine which has recoil starting. The pressed steel body with powder coated paint finish not only gives bright looks but also increases the mowers life.

Cutting width is 41 cm i.e. 16 inch and individual levers can adjust cutting height to five different positions from 25 to 75mm.The grass collector’s capacity is also good enough at 60 liters. The safety feature is operator presence control which is very reliable.

The lawn size for this is 30 m X 30 m and it comes with 2 year warranty.

Combi Rotary Mowers

As the name suggests Mountfield’s combi rotary mowers have many features integrated together so that you get all the possible options. Like the Petrol rotary models combi rotary models also have an aluminium chassis with 20 year anti-corrosion warranty.

These 3-in -1 combi mowers allow you to choose features of grass collection, rear discharge or the super recycled finish.

Technologically superior and still rugged enough these mowers are made to perform the way you want them to. One in this range is:

M41 HP Combi Petrol Rotary Mower

With Mountfield RV 150 recoil starting engine to supply immense power this model is an ardent worker.

Cutting width is 48 cm or 19 inches and with the single point cutting height adjustment can vary to 9 positions between 20 mm to 70 mm and grass collecting capacity is 70 liters. The Operator presence control is there to provide safety to the operator.

The lawn size of this model is 55m X 55m and this also comes with 2 year warranty apart from 20 year anti corrosion warranty like other models.

Mountfield Front Cut Ride-on Mowers

This range has the potential to reform mowing activity. Mountfield Multiclip lawnmowers of 2000 and 4000 series have front mounted cutter decks where you can do away with grass clipping and lot of mowing time is saved. Moreover grass clippings are turned into fertilizer which enriches the soil. One such model is 2105M + 85cm Deck Ride-On Mower .This mower is very suitable for lawns up to 1.5 acre in size.

Lawn Rider Lawnmowers

These are those of Mountfield creations which can set standards for other manufacturers to follow. They are the most suited mowers for lawns up to 1.5 acres. You can handle them very easily even in difficult areas. The warranty for these models is 5 years which speaks of their quality and reliability.

725M Compact Rider is one such model. Though it is a rider mower it’s very compact and can move around effortlessly. It’s a great alternative to heavier riding mowers which are neither economical nor convenient to use.

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